Waterloo 2015 Re-enactment Video

Waterloo 2015

On 19th and 20th of June, 2015, one of Europe’s most famous battles was portrayed by 6,000 re-enactors in front of a crowd of 120,000 spectators. Surely the most ambitious re-enactment battle ever staged.

The show takes place on the actual battlefield where 200 years ago Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington confronted each other for the first and very last time. With 100 canons and 2000-3000 muskets firing the mist created made it quite easy to imagine the smoke that would have been produced 200 years ago when 400 cannons and 100,000 muskets fired almost continuously for 10 hours.

The time and money the re-enactors put into getting the uniforms and the paraphernalia just right is admirable. Many of them have been saving up for this occasion for years and came from all over the world to take part, giving up their time for free to participate. The organizers provided food, tents and the gun powder.

For more about this event and many other interesting subjects follow this link to acge.net.

Filmed by Albert Ehrnrooth, Edited by Danuel Ehrnrooth.