LAcom Web Design

Order a Website

When you decide to get your first website you will need to provide me with the content information you want on that site and choose what kind of layout you’d like.

Phone Chat

We will start the process with a phone chat, usually 15-30 minutes, during which I will ask you about your goals, functional requirements and timeline for the website, as well as what sort of budget you have.


Within 2-3 business days you will receive an emailed proposal for the project. This will include details of which features and services are available to you as well as a timeline for the project and a quote for the project cost.

If the scope and budget of the proposal works for you, then we can move forward.

Website Questionnaire

At this stage I will ask you to fill in my questionnaire to get a sense of your vision for the new website’s design.

Further Discussion

We will then review the content of the Website Questionnaire together. We will gather information, ask probing questions, clarify your vision for the site and define success for your new website.

Information you will need to provide to me:

1 Your Business Details

Your Name

Your Trading Name, if different.

Your logo (jpg or png) - if you have one.

Your current email: this is for contact between us - I suggest we set up a new business email account with your website to keep business and personal separate.

Contact details; Telephone - Home &/or Business and Telephone - Mobile. You can decide how you want these displayed on your site (or not).

Your business address if you want it to appear on your site.

2 Business Information

Customers will search for you on a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. and it is very important that the keywords they will use to find you are all included in the description appearing on the first page of your website so that your site will come up.

This site is your business card on the net, so it's essential that all your services are listed, along with how to contact and find you.

Information you will need to have at hand includes:

  • ➤ An introductory paragraph or page about you and what you do.
  • ➤ Details about your services.
  • ➤ A price list, if applicable.
  • ➤ All your professional qualifications, credentials, certificates, registrations etc.
  • ➤ Digital copies of your logo and photographs you would like included on your site (see below).
  • ➤ Essential information you would like to share with you potential customers, for example, free advice and guidance. This effectively reveals to visitors that you really know your business.

3 Format & Colours

You can look at some possible formats for your site that I will provide or simply forward me a link to sites you like the look of. These can all be adapted to your needs and the color themes are always changeable. It is about what appeals to you.

Choose from one-page, full-width scroll down style, two column or three column styles, or even a grid layout. Then select 3 colours that you would like incorporated into your design (that match your logo preferably).

4 Pictures

Photographs make all the difference to a website, they are eye catching, make it interesting and break up the text.

I will ask you to choose at least two or three relevant pictures that represent your business and I will optimise them for fast web viewing.

Don't worry if you don't currently have any photos, I will advise you on how to get them. These days most people can take great photos with their phone. Alternatively there are thousands of free images on the web available that we can use. Original photographs are always best, but not essential.

5 Testimonials

Do you already have some satisfied customers who would be happy to write a paragraph for you, sign their name to it, maybe even include their photo or logo? Then pass it on to me.

If you don't have these they can always be added at a later date.

6 How long will it take?

Once you have placed your order, and I have given you an agreed start date AND most importantly you have you have given me all the necessary information and pictures, I'll endeavour have a first draft within 2 weeks. Then, you can tell me what revisions to make. We'll make revisions together until you're satisfied!

Realistically, websites are seldom fully functioning in less than a month. However it is very much driven by you; if you provide all the content information, we can get your website up. I have had small websites up within a fortnight when I have all the necessary information.

Get started!